Calls & Lines

As Openreach WLR3 Service suppliers, this allows us to provision all Openreach services at reduced costs to our clients. Our provisioning team order the required services and manage your installation with Openreach until the services have been installed and tested.

Benefits of using Kite:
  • Reduced cost for Line Rental and Calls
  • Full Project Management on all installations
  • One point of contact
  • Faults tested and raised immediately by our helpdesk team
  • Diverts actioned and tested immediately by our helpdesk team
  • Simplified Billing bespoke to your accounts needs
  • Online billing and reports
  • Web Access to last 6 months billing data
  • e-alerts allowing you to set up automatic reports on usage

Kite will look at your current invoices and supply a full breakdown of the current costs, proposed costs showing the savings that can be made. At this time it maybe that you are paying for services that you were unaware, this process will establish exactly what you are paying for and give you the opportunity to amend as required.

At Kite we do not charge for Lines and Calls analysis.