CyTrack Intelligence Systems
in partnership with Panasonic Business

Improve customer experience. Build a smarter business

Introducing the CyTrack suite of business intelligence applications
Whatever your business, if you want to succeed today, you need to be able to respond quickly, efficiently and professionally to your customers, across an increasing range of interaction channels and touch points.

With CyTrack contact centre technology, delivered in partnership with Panasonic, you can do exactly that. Covering every channel, including voice, email, web chat and social media CyTrack allows the right person in your business to be matched to the right contact, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The beauty of Cytrack is its modular construction, meaning you can pick and choose the elements that work best for you.

Competitive advantage from inbound contact

CyTrack’s applications whether cloud based, on premise or hybrid allow you to respond to, and communicate with, customers whenever they contact you, helping you cut through today’s email, social media and advertising overload, in the most professional manner possible. Not only do you ensure customer satisfaction, you also create a point of competitive advantage.

With a wide range of real-time and historical reporting and analytical tools to call on, CyTrack allows you to monitor, manage and streamline all customer contact within your organisation.

When you’re reaching out to customers

CyTrack can also support your outbound customer contact capability, with automated outcall, integrated voice response, voice recording and training management.

CyTrack harnesses the technologies and methodologies pioneered by contact centres along with Panasonic telephony to transform businesses and how they operate in a modern world.

In Call Centres

CyCC multi-channel cloud inbound contact centre technology helps you…
  • Increase value and profit with add-on modules, including call-back in queue, call recording, screen recording, agent coaching, customer surveys and more
  • Integrate to most popular CRM solutions, including your own CRM system or database
  • Optimise your workflow to deliver business benefits and strategic performance enhancements, such as keeping customer informed and reducing abandoned rates

CyCall outbound contact centre gives you the opportunity to…
  • Create an environment in which your team connect with more people to do more business
  • Implement campaign scheduling and management with real-time reporting and views
  • Equip your staff with the right information, for the right type of call, in advance of their activity
  • Configure completion codes and wrap-up times for each call

In Healthcare

CyRecord call recording allows you to…
  • Record all or selected patient calls and orders
  • Capture and store every contact with every customer, thanks to VoIP recording architecture
  • Maintain proven records of patient transaction when triage advice is administered
  • Keep proof of order quantities and delivery details for medical supplies contractors

CySocial in conjunction with CyCC inbound contact centre technology means you can…
  • Route inbound calls and customer interactions to the most appropriate triage doctors and nurses and using IVR module routing calls to after-hours services
  • Maintain comprehensive reporting on inbound call traffic to ensure adequate staff coverage and rapid response
  • Monitor and respond to customers via social media and ensure they aren’t missed using add on modules like Callback in Queue, Web Chat, Web Call Back

In Education
CyDesk unified communications application supports you in…
  • Screening student records from your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or Outlook database
  • Enabling click-to-dial student contact from database records
  • Saving time with rapid access to student records
  • Reducing call costs with improved dialing accuracy

CyLive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module is the ideal tool for…
  • Routing students to CyLive to collect a unique student/teacher PIN to allow access to personal information or customised services
  • Developing scripts to provide online rental accommodation account status and payments using the unique PIN number
  • Saving the need for skilled human resources for complex and individual services

UC Pro Unified Communications System

Ultimate connectivity, wherever and whenever you need it

  • One-package application
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
  • Smart phone, tablet, PBX/IP phone and PC integration
  • Windows and Mac OS compatibility
  • Up to 2.500-extension capacity
  • Voice and video call
  • Text and audio chat
  • Presence
  • Outlook integration

The brand-new Panasonic UC Pro unified communication system is the ultimate communication solution. Ideal for all industries where fast, effective connectivity is key and the perfect partner to the innovative KX-NS series. It is our most versatile, user-friendly system yet. Thanks to its multi-device compatibility, easy-to-use functionality and complete on-the-go capability, it keeps the business world at your fingertips, wherever you happen to be.

CA - Communications Assistant

A unified communication productivity software suite to provide office staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity.

Panasonic Communication Assistant Unified Communications productivity application suite is a highly intuitive software suite that converges business telephony together with computer based presence, availability and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users anytime, anywhere

The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive unified communications (UC) solution that blends easy point and click telephony together with presence, availability, Microsoft Outlook® integration, visual voice messaging and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

The software can be deployed either in serverless mode or together with communication assistant server providing added functionality for single site small to medium businesses. Depending on the type of users and the set of features required, the communication assistant UC clients can be run in three (3) different modes.

Communication Assistant Basic
Point and click telephony, combined with Microsoft Outlook Support. Ideal for occasional user who requires application integration. Deployment type: [Server-less] or grow to [CA Server]

Communication Assistant Professional
Intuitive point and click telephony – fully featured with Outlook & real-time presence indication. Ideal for professionals who require real-time presence information on colleagues availability. Deployment type: [Server-less] or grow to [CA Server]

Communication Assistant Supervisor
For supervisors to easily monitor and manage telephony activities of group members. Ideal for team leaders, manager and those working in a help desk or small call centre. Deployment type: [Server-less] only.